Twelve Shades of Christmas

I stole this title from a promotion my mom’s store is doing (Holler at Sunglass World in Port Orange), but isn’t it  kind of perfect for a nail polish post?  I thought I might have a hard time coming up with twelve holiday appropriate polishes, but I ended up choosing around twenty and having to eliminate a few.  So here are my bright, neutral, metallic, dark and glittery Christmas 2012 nail polish picks:

China Glaze Frostbite; e.l.f. Teal Blue, Milani Hot Orchid Sonia Kashuk Mauving On Up, Milani Teddy Brown & Orly Rage
Wet n Wild Gray’s Anatomy, Orly Mysterious Curse, Milani Black Cherry, Spoiled The Parking Meteor Expired, Milani Gems & Spoiled Shaken Snow Globe

These are all one coaters, save Mauving On Up, Gray’s Anatomy, Gems and Shaken Snow Globe.  The last two swatches are one coat of Milani Gems over one coat of Sonia Kashuk Mauving On Up and one coat of Spoiled Shaken Snow Globe over Milani Black Cherry.

Nail wheel (same order as above)

What do you think of my holiday nail polish picks?

Do you prefer a traditional red polish for Christmas or opt for trendier colors?


P.S. I purposefully didn’t include any Revlon polishes, as the company’s been pretty shady lately about possible animal testing in China.


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