Autumn ’13 Loves

For most of the country, it probably isn’t even autumn anymore, but here in Orlando it’s literally 79 degrees as I’m typing this.  I haven’t done a “monthly” loves post in so long that I can’t even call this my late October/November loves without including like three more months.  So without further ado, here are the things I’ve been loving this autumn:

Almay Wake Up Undereye Concealer

My skin has been seriously bipolar lately, so I’ve been skipping the base but sweeping this concealer on my zombie hooker  eye bags.  It covers and brightens with minimal creasing.  (I still haven’t found anything that wears perfectly.)

Jordana Twist & Shine Balm Stain
There’s something so chic about a colorful lip worn with an otherwise bare face, and these chubby crayons pull triple duty as lip color, gloss and moisturizer.  I’ve finally found a good dupe for the no longer cruelty-free Revlon balm stains.

Origins Lip Remedy
I’ve been making a conscious effort to drink more water, but this dry weather is wrecking my lips.  I’ve been wearing it night and day, and it really works.

Essenza Chai candle
I’m generally a Bath & Body Works or Yankee Candle kind of girl, but when my mom brought this home in a trio from Costco it was love at first sniff.

Divergent by Veronica Roth
I breezed through both Divergent and Insurgent (Why is the second book in young adult   dystopian trilogies always the best?), but midway through Allegiant I discovered Vampire Diaries and lost any desire to do anything else ever (which was less than ideal during finals’ week.)

Vampire Diaries
Speaking of my newfound life’s purpose a.k.a. visual/emotional crack, how had I never seen this show?  It’s essentially Gossip Girl with vampires, but in the absolute best way possible.  In short, a gorgeous little brunette (Blair Waldorf) falls for a brooding hot guy with great hair (Nate Archibald) who has an even hotter bad boy brother with even better hair (Chuck Bass, obvi.)  They all conveniently live in an entire town full of ridiculously good looking friends and neighbors, most of whom have supernatural secrets of their own (Serena van der Woodsen  is a witch, and Georgina Sparks is the ultimate betchy doppleganger).  Also featuring Matthew Davis Warner Huntington III as the youngest history teacher in, well, history.
Warning: These aren’t lame-o sparkly Twilight vampires, so there’s a decent amount of blood and driving stakes into people.  (Although I somehow find this significantly less disturbing than half the stuff they show on Grey’s Anatomy.)

Dani is hilarious, gorgeous and provides a refreshingly normal point of view in the beauty community.  She’s a stay at home mom with great taste and a somewhat practical-sized makeup collection.

What do you think of my autumn loves?  Have you tried/read/watched any of them?

What have you been loving this autumn?



One thought on “Autumn ’13 Loves

  1. Some of my new faves:
    Essenza Pomegranate candles, D & G Light Blue perfume, everything by Origins (cruelty free), Brazilian Keratin treatments (those Brazilians do everything right; ha!)


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