January-February ’14 Loves

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Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette
This palette is so incredibly beautiful.  I’ve always been a huge fan of Urban Decay packaging, which can really only be described as the perfect blend of badass chic.  These eyeshadows go on like butter and are so incredibly pigmented that I imagine this palette lasting me forever.

Wet ‘n Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain
If you’re a regular reader of Lipstick & a Latte, you know I’m a sucker for anything in chubby stick form, and I’m glad to see ultra-affordable cruelty free brand Wet ‘n Wild get on the balm stain band wagon.  This formula goes on glossy and a bit translucent but wears into a gorgeous matte stain.  These retail for $1.99, but keep an eye out for $1 off coupon on the packaging.

Daisy Eau So Fresh
This definitely isn’t one of those smack-you-in-the-face obvious perfumes.  Instead it’s beautifully subtle in a way that makes me feel classy as hell.  That said, it really isn’t too grown up a perfume.  I’m terrible at describing scents, but I feel safe telling you it’s floral and a bit sweet (but definitely not too sweet).

An Abundance of Katherines by John Green
I’m clearly a huge fan of Mr. Green’s.  An Abundance of Katherines is actually his second novel (I’m not sure how I got so out of order.)  Anyway, it’s about former child prodigy Colin Singleton who has just graduated from high school and been dumped by his nineteenth girlfriend, all of whom have been named Katherine.  Colin’s best (and only) friend Hassan all but literally drags him on a cross-country road trip with no destination whereupon Colin must confront the realities that (a) prodigy is not synonymous with genius and (b) he may be falling for a girl who isn’t named Katherine.

Lorde – Team
Royals was the absolute anthem of 2013, but it’s a new year and Team is here to make everyone dance.

What’s not to love about two ridiculously handsome brothers road tripping around the country to vanquish evil?  It’s, admittedly, kind of corny, but I’ve become hooked.

Bigelow Vanilla Chai
I seem to have traded in my coffee triple shot latte addiction for less headache-inducing black tea.  With soy milk, this is a pretty legit substitute for my go-to Starbucks chai tea latte.

Bitman Begins
This spoofy sequel to oldie-but-goodie viral video Charlie Bit Me stars the ever-perfect Hemsworth brothers as grown up versions of the adorable little boys in the original.  I seriously can’t even.

What do you think about my January-February loves?
What products have you been loving the past couple months?



2 thoughts on “January-February ’14 Loves

  1. I really enjoyed your new post. Something to ‘prettify me body and soul.’ I don’t normally pay attention to ‘cruelty free products’ but you’ve inspired me to be more aware. I have to try urban decay; I wonder if someone I know would consider giving me a makeover?!

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