Smoky Eye Saturday: Wearable Smokey Eye How To

I’ve received a ton of questions/comments regarding my go to smokey eye.  I’ve been meaning to post a pictorial on this classic look for a while now, although, to be perfectly honest, it’s a lot easier than you might imagine.

Some people prefer to smoke out dark shadow from the lash line, but I find that wearing a dark shadow so close to the eyes can make them appear smaller and sleepy.  A smoky crease, on the other hand, creates a dramatic look without closing off the eyes.

Real make up artists tend to use a ton of different shadows for a smoky eye, but you really only need three: a mid tone lid color, a deeper crease color and a lighter highlight shade.  Any of these can be matte or shimmery, but I suggest steering away from shimmer everywhere.  I highly recommend this Wet ‘n Wild trio for beginners and anyone who likes the simplicity of having an entire eye look mapped out in one product.  (I often find myself kind of overwhelmed by all the options in a larger palette and end up reaching for trios/quads more often than not.)

1. Pack lid color all over eyelid.IMG_3435

2. Pat crease color into outer crease and blend inward, stopping above pupil.IMG_3437

3. Sweep highlight shade onto brow bone (under eyebrows) and blend downward into crease color; also pat onto tear duct.


4. (Now would be the time for eyeliner, although I generally can’t be bothered.)  Sweep on tons of mascara.

What do you think of this look?

How do you feel about the format of this post?  Would you be interested in seeing pictorials of other makeup looks?

Please let me know in the comment section.


*Product marked with an asterisk was providedfor review in an Influenster VoxBox.  All other items were purchased by me.


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