Summer ’14 Loves & Let Downs

I haven’t been too adventurous with my beauty routine recently (mostly because Florida is a million degrees), but I thought I’d go ahead and share the few new things I have been loving as of late.


Origins Smarty Plants CC Cream
My skin has been in freaking turmoil since winter, so I’d been piling on foundations and concealers to try to cover up the problem, which of course only made things worse.  But now that the right combination of products (Epiduo and Cetaphil) has my skin back under control, I’ve fallen back in love with Origins CC Cream, which really just evens out most of my redness without feeling heavy or clogging my pores.

Wet n Wild Balm Stain in Rico Mauve
I’ve never been the kind of person who can commit to having a go to lip color, but I think this has inadvertently become my go to lip color.  The tone is actually quite similar to my natural lip color, although slightly darker and pinker. It might appear either bolder or more nude depending on your skintone, and I’ve been wearing it with anything from a naked face to a smokey eye.

Milani Power Lip Lasting Gloss Stain
If you read L&L with any regularity, you know how I feel about multi tasking products.  This is like a liquid lipstick/gloss/stain all rolled into one.  My mom and I are both obsessed with the shade Mango Tango, but I’m on the lookout for pretty much the entire line.  (My CVS has yet to restock most of the shades.)

e.l.f. Essential Lengthening & Defining Mascara
I wouldn’t reccomend this unless you already have pretty decent eyelashes, but I find it really just paints my lashes black (after I inevitably get eyeshadow all over them) and gives a bit of definition and subtle length that’s perfect for school or running errands. Plus it layers really well under other mascaras if you’re going out straight after class or whatever

Ray Ban RB 4175
These modified clubmasters are oversized enough to feel trendy, without looking like you’re TTH.  They’re also magically flattering on everyone. (I first saw them on a tall, blonde family friend.)

COACH Saffiano Mini Satchel
My parents gave me this perfect little crossbody as my major birthday present.  It’s deceptively roomy enough to fit all my essentials without being obnoxious.

Pearl’s Peril
I’ve wasted countless hours playing this hidden objects game on my iPad. It’s essentially I Spy with a cheesy murder mystery plot.

This show is so intense, y’all.  Former White House correspondent and crisis management firm leader Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington) is always solving other people’s problems but can’t seem to fix her own, which include an ongoing affair with the President.  And then that “full lipped bastard” Scott Foley shows up to further complicate things. *swoon*

As a fan of the book trilogy, I had very high hopes for this movie, and it definitely didn’t disappoint.  Theo James was every bit as sexy as I’d imagined Four, and my girl Shailene Woodley embodied Tris perfectly.

I’ve been eating this chocolate flavored spread on pretzel rods like a crackhead.  But it’s got hazelnuts in it, so it’s healthy, right?




Let Downs:

L’Oreal EverCreme Cleansing Conditioner
I was enthusiastic to get behind L’Oreal’s effort to dip their toes into the cruelty free pond, but this cleansing conditioner left my curls limp and my scalp itchy.  I ended up having to repurchase Macadamia Flawless after all.  (Sometimes you really do get what you pay for.)

24: Live Another Day
I was borderline fanatical about the original series, so I was pretty pumped on Jack Bauer’s return…until I watched it.  Between goth Chloe and JB on the run from Benjamin Bratt, I couldn’t stomach more than two and a half ridiculous episodes.

What do you think of my summer loves and let downs?
What products have you been loving?  (Feel free to link your favorites post below.)


P.S. Bonus points to anyone who caught the Scrubs reference.

*This post contains links to my Luvocracy, which rewards me for purchases made via my recommendations.


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