Spring Cleaning Sunday: Dresser & Makeup Organization

Last weekend, my good friend Ashlee paid me a lovely three day visit.  I let her stay in my bedroom, and I slept in the spare room, which is even more of a disaster.  I used Ashlee’s visit as an excuse to wrangle my obnoxiously huge makeup collection and other assorted debris.

I (try to) keep the bulk of my makeup in the top two drawers of my dresser, but I end up accumulating a lot of clutter on my dresser top.  So my first course of action was to organize this excess back into the appropriate drawers.

I also have an antique mirrored vanity tray for holding my newer and/or most used products and to (try to) keep loose powder from ending up all over my pretty, Indian inspired runner.


I was able to clear enough space on top of my dresser to fit both my lamps as well as this acrylic sunglass rack and a small picture frame.  I’m making it a point to keep my clutter at bay by returning everything to its place after using it.

What do you think of my makeup organization/storage set up?
Please let me know whether y’all enjoy reading non-beauty posts, as a break from seeing my face all the time.



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