FIF: Ulta Sculpting Palette

Today’s First Impression Friday is on Ulta brand Sculpting Palette in the shade Astoria.  This palette retails for $10 on


Half of the palette is made up of a bronzer, which is quite a bit more orange than I prefer in a sculpting powder.  It’s also kind of a satin finish, as opposed to being completely  matte.  I used it on a fluffier brush around the perimeter of my face and a bit under my cheekbones

The blush is pretty sheer but does impart quite a bit of sheen to the cheeks.

Because of the shimmer in the blush, I skipped highlighting my cheeks but popped a bit of the highlighter on my cupid’s bow with my pinky.  This provides a natural but buildable luminosity.

Overall: The highlight shade is beautiful, definitely my favorite of the trio (Does Ulta sell this solo?)  However, both the blush and bronzer shades leave something to be desired.  This palette might work for someone who likes warm bronzer and a lot of shimmer, but I wish I’d passed.



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