Cruelty Free 101

Lipstick & a Latte is a cruelty-free beauty blog, meaning the products I review–and use in my real life–are not tested on animals. (Cruelty-free will hereby be abbreviated CF, so as to keep from repeating it a million times.)

This term seems to  be thrown around a lot, but the truth is there’s actually no one correct definition.  Unlike the case with FDA organic foods, the term cruelty-free is essentially unregulated, which unfortunately allows for a lot of misleading labels and sneaky half truths.  If a label reads “final product not tested on animals” it’s a pretty safe bet that at least some of the ingredients are tested on animals.  Likewise, if a company “does not test on animals except where required by law” it probably sells in a country such as China which requires mandatory animal testing (i.e. Mac, Estee Lauder, Revlon, etc.)

Some consumers don’t believe in buying from CF companies that are owned by non-CF parent companies, but to me this is a bit like not buying groceries from any store that carries meat.  I believe that by purchasing from cruelty-free subsidiaries of non-CF companies, we are in fact sending an important message to said parent companies.

Tiny me and even tinier TJ “the wonder-bunny” circa ’96.
(Holler at my acid wash jorts.)

While many of the cruelty free products I use happen to also be vegan, I am decidedly not vegan.  If you are interested in learning about vegan beauty products and lifestyle, I highly recommend checking out Logical Harmony.



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